Ways to slash your travel expenses

Traveling is an interesting thing to do when you want to unwind or just get away from the bustle of daily life. However, traveling can be very costly especially if one does not take time and research on ways of cutting down on the costs.

Ways to slash your travel expenses


42354ty4t35Every destination has a peak and an off-peak season. One should find out the season to choose the most appropriate time. The peak season is always characterized by high prices for everything especially the flight and accommodation charges. These two items are the ones which may inflate your budget making it difficult for you to enjoy your travel. Traveling during the off-peak season is a great move. One will get the best accommodation and flights at relatively lower costs. In addition to this, one should also consider not traveling when for instance there is a convention in their destination. Such events also drive the accommodation costs to the roof to cater for the dignitaries attending that event.

Advance bookings

When one intends to travel say in December it will be better to book their flight in advance like in June or thereabouts. This will ensure that one gets better deals than when they would have opted to book their flight in December. Similarly, accommodation booked early ensures that one locks their prices. Even if there will be fluctuations, the cost cannot be increased since one will already have committed to pay when the price had not fluctuated. This will save one more money hence overall saving son their travel costs.

Use travel agents

Most people often skip this since they assume it will cost them a lot. The travel agent has been in that business for long hence has established relations with the other service providers for the services you will need like accommodation and travel within your destination. For instance, they have relations or service level agreements with hotels so those people using them end up getting huge discounts hence saving them money.

Go for alternative places of accommodation

When one is traveling, they mostly fix their minds on getting accommodation in the hotels. One should also not go to the five-star hotels unless they can afford it. One can still go to a three-star hotel which has five-star services. Some of the hotels they choose have higher rates than the alternative accommodation like guesthouses. If one does their research carefully, they will most likely find very good guest houses which have lower prices but high-class services. This will also save on your costs big time.we23r4trt4534

Use cash instead of credit cards

One of the major ways if saving is spending what you have. One may carry the credit card for emergency reasons and use it only if it is an emergency. It is easier to save by avoiding spending what you don’t have as in the case of paying with a credit card. Plus many hotels offer good discounts to cash payers than the credit card payers.

Other ways include using the reward points that one has accrued over a certain period.