Just the thought of going for a long summer holiday is enough to get one excited. This excitement can easily make one forget things when they are packing. One ought to make sure that they pack all they need so that they get to enjoy their stay wherever they will go. To help you in packing here are some packing tips for long-haul summer holidays.

Packing tips for summer holidays

Have a packing list

2345tret3r4A packing list is one of the things that one should have. This should be made a few days before the day of the trip. If possible, have a friend go through your list so that they add some things that are not on the list but are important. Making a list earlier is essential since it will help one to remember the things they might have forgotten if it was not done early. It also gives one enough time to add any other thing that they will need after researching on their destination. Besides that, it will also help in ensuring that the unnecessary items are not packed since they will end up taking more space.

Go for a bigger suitcase

A bigger suitcase is good since it will ensure that one’s possessions have ample space and are not so squeezed. Besides that, one can also get to share the suitcase with their companion saving them the cost of paying for two pieces of luggage. Caution should be taken when sharing the luggage so that it does not outweigh the recommended weight as per the airline rules. It is necessary that the suitcase is weighed before you leave.

Take advantage of the hand luggage allowance

If you are taking a flight, the hand luggage should also be put to good use. One can opt to carry the lighter items like the toiletries and other light clothes in their hand luggage. The bulky and heavy ones can be put in the bigger suitcase since they will need more space.

Save some space

Where you are going, it is most likely that one will get some souvenirs, gifts or any other thing of interest that you will buy. It is going to be difficult for one to carry such gifts if they pack and fill all the space in their suitcase. At least leave some space so that you have room for such gifts.

Use alternatives

When packing, one has to maximize the available space as much as possible. In this regard, one should look for alternative ways of carrying their things. For instance, one does not have to carry their big bottle of lotion; they can put the lotion in a smaller bottle. Rather than carrying a towel, one should take a sarong which will still serve the purpose of the towel. Such ideas save one more space. If anything, wherever you are going there are shops and you can always buy what you feel will not be enough during your stay.

Packing is not an easy task. One should ensure that they do it days before to avoid remembering something they did not carry as soon as the plane takes off.