Six Places Tourists Should Visit While in China

China is a country with something for everyone who may wish to have a glimpse of what it looks like to have a billion people within a common sovereign border. China’s rich culture blends with the economic gains that she has made in the last couple of decades. It’s the land of man-made and natural wonders that upholds its stature as tourism gem on the world map. According to china geeks travel blog, tourists can never exhaust the numerous and exciting wonders of this country. Below are top six places tourists should visit while in China for a treat of life-long thrilling sights and sounds.

Beijing – the ski capital

beijing skiingSome people push China’s capital off their far East traveling plans owing to its media-generated image. Those who haven’t been to Beijing know it as a populous city that is awash with traffic jams and polluted gray skies. Those who have visited the city have a different view especially when attracted to the array of ski resorts that fuel her tourism dynamics during winter. The number of historical sites found in Beijing makes it a spectacular spot if you like trips that start from museums with underwater aquariums and end in exquisite restaurants that serve exotic delicacies.

Hong Kong – the shopping capital

China’s city of Hong Kong is one of the global trade hubs, making it a financial capital with the right amount of cash flow to support some of the best shopping malls in the world. Hong Kong’s shopping experience is characterized by a top-notch display of collectibles, designer items and flawless hospitality. This is the place to be if you like shopping as you marvel at the city’s architectural prowess.

Xishuangbanna – the cultural haven

XishuangbannaThe Chinese community is culturally diverse. Many of her cultures are in their original forms. They have been around for centuries and they form a unique taste of tourism experience. Xishuangbanna is one of the many cities in China where you can immerse yourself in an assortment of cultures. Located to the south of the country, the city lies in proximity to Thailand, Burma and Vietnam. Thia makes it a cultural melting pot worth inspiring a vacation to the Far East. Note that Xishuangbanna’s tourism peak starts from April to December, giving you ample time to plan a memorable vacation.

Harbin – the hub of snow festivals

Between December and January, the city of Harbin turns into snow capes with silver icings. The natural phenomenon is projected by a touch of bright lights and aesthetic ambiance. Snow sculpting usually forms the heart of snow festivals in the city that’s also known for winter swimming and snow football events that form the hallmark of Harbin’s tourism specials.

Mount Emei – nature trails

About an hour drive from the city of Chengdu sits Mount Emei that rises 3,099 meters above the sea level. The altitude gives the mountain a micro-climate that’s host to special plant and animal species. Mount Emei is the place people go to bath in hot springs as they watch the sunrise in the background of terrains that form amaze of nature trails that are dotted with restaurants, shopping spots and wild animals in their natural habitats.

Yellow Mountains

China’s Yellow Mountains get their name from the verdant pine trees …


Foreign entry travel documents

Checking foreign requirements is the first step whenever you are traveling abroad. Understanding the requirements of the country or countries you intend to visit requires of you to enter is vital to avoid unnecessary problems. Most of these requirements are common, but some may not be commons. You can check the validity of these documents at Travel Visa Pro website. The following are some of the entry requirement for traveling abroad you may need.

Valid passport

This is the most common entry requirement for foreign travel is a valid and current passport. A passport is a document issued by a county to citizens of that country which allows them to travel abroad or re-enter the country when they come back. A passport carries more weight than any other document. It is an undeniable proof of both your citizenship and identity.passport

Travel visa

Second, on the list of the most common foreign entry document is the travel visa. Most people believe that having a visa means they have the right to enter the country they obtain the visa for. The visa however only permits you to arrive at the entry port of the country. There are authorized officials who analyze the entry documents to ensure they are correct. These official grant permissions to enter the country or not. Not all countries require US citizens to obtain a visa. Some countries grant visas when you arrive at the port of entry. They are granted depending on the purpose of your trip. Visa types can be business, work, crew, study, transit or tourist visas.

The easiest visa to get is the tourist visa. The basic requirements include passport-sized photos, valid passport, completed application form as well as payment. For other visa types, there may be additional requirements.

Other requirements

other documentsAdditional entry requirements are usually not common, but you need to be aware of them as well. These requirements are normally demanded of countries with serious problems or conflicts. If your destination is such a place, then you will need to verify the exact requirements for foreign entry. These requirements include immunization records. This is normally requested of foreign consular services if you claim on the visa application that you have traveled recently to areas that are infected with cholera, yellow fever and other diseases. The US does not need immunizations when you return.

Some countries require HV/AIDS testing. This was common some time back, but very few countries demand this as an entry requirement. It is only necessary for the applicant who requires remaining in the country for an extended period.

All countries have different exit and entry requirements. Some may be stricter than others so regardless of your destination it is wise to know and obtain these foreign entry documents for the country or countries you intend to visit.…